How to write an iTunes podcast review.
Head over to The Prepare For Awesome podcast on iTunes by clicking this link.

Click on the blue ‘View In iTunes’ button to the right as shown by the red arrow.  This will open iTunes on your PC or Mac.

If you don’t have iTunes installed, it is a simple download and then follow these instructions. (You will need to create an Apple ID which is an equally simple process)

In iTunes, firstly ensure you hit the subscribe button directly under the Prepare For Awesome banner, then navigate to the ‘Ratings and Reviews’ tab and click to open.

After opening, navigate to the ‘Customer Reviews’ section in the middle of the page and click on the ‘Write A Review’ button.

A popover box will appear, as shown below.  Complete the 4 steps as indicated by the red arrows, not forgetting to give the show a 5-star review.
That’s it!  Simple and you will have helped me immensely in what I am trying to accomplish through this podcast.  Your review will take about 24 hours to be reviewed for appropriateness and will then appear on iTunes.