Prepare For Awesome

10 Rules to be Awesome

Prepare For Awesome

Because Awesomeness Doesn’t Just Happen!

The word AWESOME has a number of meanings and is used in many different contexts.

It is often used to describe things like:

  • An awesome building
  • Awesome clothing 
  • An awesome sight

But this article is not about things.  It’s not about buildings, clothing, sights.  This article is about you and your unique and individual awesomeness.

And in that context the word awesome means – 

  • Excellent
  • Exciting
  • Remarkable
  • Very impressive
  • Unique
  • Outstanding

However, Awesomeness doesn’t just happen.  Awesomeness takes preparation, adaptation, work, energy and effort.

What I am really saying is that if you want to be excellent in your work or business, remarkable in your relationships, impressive in your results, exciting in your life, that is if you want to be AWESOME, you need to be continually and daily working on yourself.

So what does awesome look like?

Well, it looks remarkably just like you!  Not as you are today, but as you could become.

You see awesomeness is not about your university degree, your Ph.D. or your education.  These may impress a few people some of the time, but not all of the time.  Some of the most remarkable people around the world have had little to no education and yet had an enormous impact on the lives of millions of people.

Awesomeness is not about your life’s experience or how many times you have been around the block.  It’s not about your title, rank or social status.

Awesomeness is about how you transform yourself daily to be better than your previous best.  It’s about how you make people feel about themselves.

Awesomeness is about you becoming excellent, exciting, remarkable, impressive, unique, outstanding.  It’s about taking responsibility for you, your attitude, your actions and your results.

Less about blaming the sun, moon and stars.  Less about blaming your upbringing, less about blaming the government, less about blaming wages or the amount your clients are willing to pay.

So here are the 10 most common rules I have found awesome people follow from observing and working with people over the past 30 years.

  1. Mindset
  2. Set the standards
  3. Ignore the little man
  4. Respect other peoples efforts
  5. Embrace failure
  6. Work Smart and Work Hard
  7. Be self-aware
  8. Live your dream and follow your passion
  9. Be the role model you would want to follow
  10. Have faith

This article is a sample of the topics I speak on.  If you would like to know more about this or other topics, please email me on

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