PFA 021: #2 in the 11 most common rules to be awesome everyday is to raise your standards

On today’s show, we will be talking about setting the standard you expect from yourself and how that standard will drive who you are and who you ultimately become.

Have you ever wondered what separates high achievers from everyone else? What separates the extra-ordinary from the ordinary?

If you asked 100 people, you are likely to get 100 different answers. And their answers will range anywhere from self-belief and wearing the exact same style of clothing every day to living with a sense of urgency and being lucky. Often when answering the question about what separates ordinary from extra-ordinary, you will hear someone invariably suggest the catch phrase, ‘giving a little extra’ or ‘doing a little extra’ with an emphasis on the word extra.

But there must be more to what separates high-achievers or extra-ordinary achievers from everyone else.

PFA 020: Interview with Mark Godfrey and Clare Stirling

In this episode, I am talking with Clare Stirling of Made With Maturity, a Plymouth based web design and digital marketing agency, and Mark Godfrey, the award-winning wedding and events hotel in Devon.

I am talking with them about business, motivation and the reason why they do what they do. We also talk about an amazing networking group which Clare runs with her husband, Ben called the Cream Tea Club and Deer Parks involvement with the group’s November edition.

The Cream Tea Club is based around the Plymouth area but does 1 out of area event a year. And this year it’s at Deer Park.
This show is not in anyway financially benefiting from this mention or discussion, but I have stayed at the hotel and it is amazing. It’s a really fantastic venue, they have great food, stunning gardens and really all you need for a wedding and events venue.

PFA 019: #1 in the 11 most common rules to be awesome every day is change begins with your mindset

In this episode, we talk about your mindset, personal change, where it all begins and what the science behind your mindset is.

Mindset is a mental attitude which determines how you interpret and respond to situations you encounter. It is the preconceived ideas you have for the potential outcome in any given situation or set of actions. So, for example, if the government increase the tax rate on business, some people will see it as a disaster, while other people will see it as an opportunity to operate leaner and meaner. These differing viewpoints are due to conditioning and preconceptions, and that is due to a mindset.

Another definition of mindset is a lens or frame through which the mind orientates us toward a particular set of circumstance, associations and expectations.

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PFA 018: The 11 most common rules I have found awesome people follow and how you to can be awesome

On today’s show, we will be talking about the 11 most important rules to be awesome every day. I think we all need a bit of awesome from ourselves and from other people every day, so this overview of these 11 things should get you going. I will be going into more detail on these 11 rules over the next few episodes of the Prepare For Awesome podcast.

However, Awesomeness doesn’t just happen. Awesomeness takes preparation, adaptation, work, energy and effort.

What I am really saying is that if you want to be excellent in your work or business, remarkable in your relationships, impressive in your results, exciting in your life, that is, if you want to be AWESOME, you need to be continually and daily working on yourself. Daily working to develop better skills, better habits, better methods of doing stuff.


PFA 017: Interview with Stephen Light

On today’s show, I have an interview with Stephen Light. Stephen is a leadership expert, executive coach and team relationship coach. This is an interview I really enjoyed doing and we could have spoken for hours.

In this episode, we spoke about many different things, but all focused on personal transformation. We spoke about leadership, neuroscience, motivation and people.

There are a number really strong statement which Stephen makes about leadership which could be really helpful to you.

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PFA 016: It starts with a choice and is powered by the ongoing choices you make everyday

On today’s show, we will be talking about choices and how they impact on your future.

Without becoming overly detailed, most people have a fair grasp on the concept of financial interest and how is works over time. Now you may be asking yourself what does simple or compound interest has to do with personal development, choices and your future?

As it turns out, a huge amount actually.

You see, the choices you make in life have a compounding effect over time. Whether you make good or bad choices, the effects are never in a simple linear form. They are always compounded over time, which means their effect is much greater than you first may assume or think.

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PFA 015: Its never to late to change

One of the most widely held myths is that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. And the idea is that as you get older, you become more set in your ways, habits, thoughts, etc and you become too old to learn new skills or to change and become better today than you were yesterday.

I have heard it so often in business and in life in general that it almost makes me ill just hearing it.

A few years ago I was sitting in a meeting with a client talking about social media and how it can be effectively used in their business to grow into new areas and open their products up to a whole new market space.

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PFA 014: Be Grateful And Recognise Your Value

It was Roman philosopher and statesman Cicero who said, ‘Gratitude is not the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.’

So what does it mean to be grateful? And what are the benefits to you and me of showing gratitude?

Fortunately, being grateful or showing gratitude is not that bizarre notion that everything is perfect and there are no problems with you, your life or your day.

Being grateful or living a life of gratitude is rather about choosing to focus on the things around you which you appreciate rather than moaning and complaining about all the things which you don’t appreciate.

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