PFA 024: #4 in the 11 most common rules to be awesome is respect the efforts of other people


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PFA 024 Show Notes

On today’s show, we will be talking about respecting the efforts of other people.

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Recently, while in Dubai, I witnessed a something which I found profoundly disturbing.  While checking into my hotel, which was a boutique type hotel rather than one of the big chains, I met some of the front office and reception staff.  I met the general manager and one of the duty managers.  All of whom were absolutely professional and highly engaging.  During my stay, they could not have been more helpful and friendly even when there were obvious pressures going on around them.

However, while I was checking in, a couple walked in and from the get go they had an attitude.  You know the kind of people.  Those who think everyone is way beneath them and will never meet their lofty standards.  They arrived in a chauffeur-driven limo and did not let themselves out of the car.  The poor driver had to get out to open one door and when he slipped on the smooth surface, he was given a piece of the women’s mind, despite his obvious best efforts.

But worse was to come.

Just as they walked, the computer system went down and so checking was a bit of challenge, but despite the staff’s best efforts, this man began screaming and shouting and aimed his vitriol at one guy in particular.  It was as if all the world ill’s were suddenly this receptionists fault.

It wasn’t a major issue.  All the guy had to do was fill in some extra detail.  No big deal!  Or at least, for me it wasn’t as I had to do the same thing.

The guy had absolutely no respect for the reception staff nor their efforts, even in the situation which was beyond their control.  They were doing their best, but that was not good enough for him.

Now this is only one example of how many people show their disrespect for the efforts of other people, but we see it all the time and in so many different ways.

We have all seen the amount of video that is being produced and made available today.  From younger people creating video while walking along the beach and talking about what they are experiencing to business professionals using the platform to educate their client base.  No let’s be honest.  Not all of the video posted to YouTube, Facebook, Instgram or LinkedIn is good and some of it is downright poor and its questionable whether it should be there.

The problem though is not necessarily the video or the content, but the responses many people get which is just completely unnecessary and totally disrespectful of the person’s efforts.  For me, if the person creating and posting the video is just starting out and growing through the process, we should be encouraging them and respecting their efforts.

The same is true for for those trying to lose weight or get fit.  A few months ago, I was in the gym and noticed a group of men mostly in their early 40’s.  They had obvious been working out for a few years and were fairly well ripped.  They clearly trained hard.  No problem to that point.

A few minutes later, one of the staff came in closely followed by a rather large and over weight young guy.  I watched as the staff member showed the young guy around and showed him how to use some of the machines.  It was very obvious that the young guy’s exercise experience was severely limited as he tried and mostly failed to come to grips with the various machines and pieces of equipment.

From where I was across the other side of the gym, I cause hear their not so gentle comments about the young guy’s ability, weight and efforts. 

A few weeks later, I saw the same group of men working out in the gym and also noticed the young guy was back.  Although he did not appear to have lost any weight nor had his ability to exercise developed much, he was putting in the effort.  It was clear from his face that he was giving it all he had and I did not think it would be too much longer before he showed some results.

However, the not so indiscreet abuse he was being subjected made me wonder whether he would be back.  These guy showed him complete and utter disrespect for the effort he was putting in.

So how could we show respect for the efforts of other people?

I think we need to understand what the word respect means in order to understand how to show respect.  There are many ways and other words you could use to define what respect means, but I think these 6 sum up the idea behind respect very well.

They are recognise, regard, admire, appreciate, value and applaud.

For me, it works like this.  We recognise that the people are putting in the effort.  We then regard the effort, that is we contemplate whether they are giving their best, which if it is their best, leads us to admire and appreciate the effort.  We understand the value of the effort and then we applaud it.

Now this is not a scientific process nor is there any empirical evidence to back up this observation, it is just the way I see it working and as I have thought about it, kind of figured out the way it seems to work.

So could I suggest that every day, you look for the opportunities to respect the efforts of those around you?  What will happen as you do that.  You will gain respect from others.  You will not need to try to demand it.  You will gain it.  

If you are a sales manager, for example, and you have that one person in your team who really tries, but never seems to get to the level they need to be at, don’t incentives them.  Respect their efforts.  Recognise they are doing the best they can and applaud them for the effort.  Then encourage them to tweak a little here and there.  No major changes.  Just small things and them recognise the effort.  Before too long, you will likely have a star performer on your hands.

As a trainer and consultant to many different industries and environment, I have seen this work on so many occasions, and still, I wonder why it is not used by managers more often.

Show respect for the efforts of other people and you will gain more respect than you can ever imagine.  Just be genuine.  It must be real and have integrity.

So that it for this episode.  Thanks for listening.  I look forward to chatting with you again in the next episode.

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