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PFA 027 Show Notes

WOW.  So into 2019 already.  Who ever thought we would get here?  You know I remember for some many year, people saying the world would end at midnight 31st Dec 1999.  Some of you may even remember the Y2K predictions of computer disasters.  And yet here we are, 19 years on and still going strong.

On today’s show, I’m not getting into that discussion, but rather we will be talking about the idea that nothing is permanent.  Not Y2K, not 1999 or 2000.  Not fear, failure, success.  Nothing lasts forever, except the is death.

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Now I know that are some people who will think I am being callous, but I’m not.  Let make it a bit clearer.  No words, attitudes, circumstances are permanent or last for ever.

A Greek philosopher once said ‘No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he is not the same man.’

You see everything in life, from attitudes and actions to the weather and circumstances are in constant motion.  People change their minds.  Governments change laws.  The wind changes direction.  Companies change managers.

All day every day, everything is changing.

Now some people will say that it is scary to think like that, but for me, it is empowering, because nothing is permanent. 

You see if you think of it as scary, you may think there is nothing to live for, but if you think it is empowering, you know life is for living and that becomes exciting.

What do I mean?

Well, let’s say your business is in a challenging place financially.  If you stick with it, maybe tweak a few things, maybe slightly change direction, knock on a few more doors, tomorrow may just be different from today.  You may have a client who you have lost all hope of working with call and ask you if you can implement your program or deliver your product immediately.

By making just one more call at a slightly later time, you could get through to the decision maker because the gate keeper has already gone home. 

Change is empowering. Change the call script which is no longer working.  Change the marketing method which is no longer delivering.  Add a tweak here or a twist there and bang, before you know it everything could change.

It’s a good thing.  Remember, not the same man and not the same river.

A few years ago, I had spent days working on a proposal for a client, attended 4 or 5 very long and draining meeting with the board of directors and made countless follow up phone calls, but eventually came to the conclusion that they were either not serious about the project or had decided to go with someone else.  

That feeling was seemingly confirmed when the contact person did not return my phone calls or emails.

However, about 5 weeks after the last call, I decided to try once more.  When I called I went straight through to the MD as the receptionist was out to lunch and everyone else was seemingly busy.  He was surprised to hear from me and equally surprised that we had never closed the business.  

It turns out the board member who had been delegated with closing the deal, and my contact person had a friend who did the same thing as I did and wanted his friend to get the business. 

It made for a very interesting conversation at my next meeting with the board.  Hearing his excuses affirmed for me the fact that nothing is permanent and nothing stays the same.  

I did close the business and what was initially a 6-month piece of work, turned into 18 months.  And the director was out of a job which he had held for 10 years.

But that is only one example.  Change is everywhere and all the time.

That attitude you had when you were a young man and filled with the bravado of youth or that feeling of inadequacy when you could not compete with the super sportsman in your class.  That does not have to last your whole life.  You can change anything, at any time.

The job you have which you hate.  It does not have to be like that.  You can change it.  Find some new training, get some additional education, learn a new skill and get a different job.

Your bank balance does no have to constantly be empty.  The anger you hold toward your parents, a neighbour, your former boss or spouse.  These don’t have to remain forever with you.  The choice is your to let them that stuff go today.

That negative attitude you have about yourself and your abilities.  Get over it and understand that you are an incredible human with the most amazing abilities, who do and become almost anything you put your mind and effort into.

And then there is that bad attitude you have about the economy or your country or the direction your country is going.  Change your attitude and work with what you have.  Just remember, if you have a bad attitude toward the country you live in and you relocate, you take yourself with you.  And that includes your bad attitude.

No matter what the situation or circumstances, nothing lasts forever, except death and then it does not matter any more anyway.

So make the decision that from today you will view change from the perspective of empowerment and not with fear.

So that it for this episode.  Thanks for listening.  I look forward to chatting with you again in the next episode.

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