PFA 025: Interview with Troy Stellingwerff


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PFA 025 Show Notes

On today’s show, I will be sharing an interview with you I did a few months back with Troy Stellingwerff.  We had a great time chatting about life, business and motivation.

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Troy is a self-employed, self-motivated building contractor who lives and works in Grand Bend Ontario Canada.

I met Troy on LinkedIn through the many motivational post he puts up on the platform.  He has grown a great network on LinkedIn and is fast becoming very influential.

For me there are 4 key things to listen out for and I will pick on them at the end of the interview.

If you would like to find out more about Troy, here is the link to his LinkedIn profile.

I hope you picked up on these 4 keys which I mentioned at the top of the show.

They were:
  1. Have a dream
  2. Add value
  3. Build networks
  4. Be nice.

I had a fantastic time chatting with Troy and getting to know him and about his family.  He definitely a guest we will have back again.

So that it for this episode.  Thanks for listening.  I look forward to chatting with you again in the next episode.

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