“It does not matter who you are now.
It does matter where you are going
and how you intend changing to get there.”

Who is Vic Williams?

On the 5th September 2011, I stood at the lounge window of our rented terraced house in Exeter, frustrated, angry, confused and at the point of giving up.  I felt utterly defeated.  My wife and I had arrived in the UK from South Africa, with massive anticipation, hopes and dreams four months previously.  Where had it all gone so wrong?  I had been unable to get a job and the business I had started was not even covering our most basic expenses.  I have been self employed for most of my working life, so know what it takes, but here I stood, running out of money and in my mind, time.  Back in South Africa, I had a wide circle of friends and clients which made finding business relatively easy.  People know me and trusted the work I did.
But here in the UK, it was a different story all together.  I knew no one and had to begin from the ground up to build trust and to establish a reputation.  It was literally a whole new world. Standing there at the window, I heard a familiar voice.  One I had heard all of my life.  It was my father’s voice.  “You’re too stupid to succeed at anything.  You will never be anyone.  You are a failure.”  My first recollection of those words came when I was about 4 years old and I heard them with constant regularity until my father passed away in 1995.  Words which I actively fought against from an early age.  I knew those words did not represent the real me and refused to give up and become a failure.

My experience

Having had my first job when I was 13 as an usher in the local movie house earning the vast sum 0.35 cents per shift on a Friday and Saturday.  I very quickly realised that if I looked after the people that I ushered to their seats, I could earn extra money from tips.  This was my first lesson in business and I have not stopped learning since that day.  Due to family circumstances, I had to leave school when I was 16 and never had the chance to further my formal education, which did not diminish my thirst for knowledge nor my desire to become all I know I was created to be.
When I left the Airforce after 6 years in 1986, I never imagined the journey and adventure my life would become as I looked continuously for answers to questions about life, leadership and business.
Audacious Leadership
‘Audacious Leadership’ is available from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback versions.  You can order a copy by following the link below.


From sales and management to CEO and establishing my own business, I have experienced the highs of great success and the lows of failure and disappointment.  These experiences have had a transformational impact on who I am and what I believe about people, leadership and business and have made me an avid student of human behaviour.  I write about and train on business growth, leadership, management, personal development and motivation.
My life’s motto is, “I will live today on purpose with intention and will make everyday count.”
I was born and raised in South Africa and now live in Exeter Devon with the most amazing wife, Debbie.  We enjoy walking some of the great public footpaths around the South West of England with our dog, Button.  As a sports fan, I enjoy watching most sports, including rugby, cricket and soccer, but round of golf is always enjoyed come rain or shine.  Preferably shine!
I love golf

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